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How can you save money?
The cheapest way is to get a machine translation. And language computers help you to cut out the interpreter, albeit the meaning might be somewhat distorted.
If you are learning a language, learning software is a convenient option.

Why are we successful despite these cheap options?
We are translators and interpreters who convey the meaning. It is simply not sufficient to render a text into another language. A translation should never read like a translation, but nevertheless needs to communicate the precise meaning of the source text.

What makes us different?
In translation we master this task through cross checking, a method used in the banking world. At first the text is translated by an experienced translator who is a native speaker of the target language and has a sound background of the subject field. Then the translation is checked for accuracy and linguistic quality. This revision is carried out by a second translator who usually has gained working experience in the specific branch of industry.
Our interpreters have practical experience. They have the intuition and sensitivity to cope with constantly changing situations, different people and new subject areas.

What added value do we bring to our customers?
For each of our customers we prepare a card file and a glossary. We are therefore a partner for our customers in all matters of language because we know what they need and we know their company.

If you have a question, we are pleased to respond promptly.
We are there to give you a competent answer. Most of our work is therefore done for regular customers.

We will be pleased to create added value for your company as well and to support you with our language services.

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